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Helical Screw Piles

Helical Screw Pile Equipment

We Offer Comprehensive Helical Screw Pile Services

The Benefits:

Quick Installation

Helical Screw Piles are usually installed using standard construction equipment such as a track excavator or a mini-excavator that is equipped with an appropriately sized low speed high torque hydraulic motor. Without the need of specialized equipment, we have the ability to be on site quickly.

Immediate Load Carrying Capability

Helical Screw Piles can be loaded immediately after installation. There is no need to wait for concrete to harden.The total capacity of helical screw piles will increase with time, meaning that the capacity immediately after installation could be  lower than the capacity over time. 

Minimal Site Disturbance

The installation of helical screw piles causes very little disturbance to the site. This keeps the site clean, requires minimal cleanup at each installation locations after installation, and usually means lower project costs. Installation typically has a  low noise level, minimal vibrations, and requires a small work footprint, making it an ideal process for virtually any project.

Stack of Helical Screw Pile equipment

Installation at Remote Locations or at Sites with Limited Access

Helical screw piles are well suited to projects located in remote areas where mobilization costs tend to be high and other construction support services are limited or may not be readily available. They can also be ideal for low headroom or limited access situations.

Simple Field Modifications to Increase Load Capacity

Helical screw piles are highly versatile and offer the ability to quickly modify the configuration of the helical elements to increase load capacity. 

Wide Range of Soil and Load Applications

Helical screw piles can be installed in a wide range of subsurface conditions, from very soft to very stiff clays, from loose to very dense sands.

Low Carbon Footprint – Sustainable Technology

Many manufacturers of helical screw piles use high quality recycled steel in their fabrication. This reduces the need for the unnecessary consumption of  natural resources and energy, which reduces the overall carbon footprint. Additionally, helical screw piles are especially useful for support of temporary structures since they can be removed and reused with little to no change in structural integrity.

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